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Last August, we announced that GRIMARD was currently working on the implementation of the PROCORE software to support our project process.  In fact, we have taken advantage of the past year to question our methods and set in motion this transformation project with the main goal of improving our work environment.

Here is some information in order to keep you informed and to show you the progress of the tool’s implementation in GRIMARD companies.

The deadlines?

  • All of Télécommunications Grimard’s projects are currently on PROCORE;
  • All of Électricité Grimard’s projects in Laval use this tool on construction sites;
  • Constructions Grimard’s current projects are managed using the software;
  • Some of Électricité Grimard’s projects in Saguenay are managed on PROCORE;
  • Automatisation Grimard will begin using it in 2021;
  • Use of Procore’s financial tools in 2021.

What does this tool allow us to do?

– The information communication is much simpler and integrated into the tools;
– Quick access to information at all times;
– Drastic reduction of paper and certain software such as Excel;
– Change in the work methods on the construction sites to move to tablets.

Effective changes directly related to GRIMARD’s business objectives!

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