Installing wireless networks (DAS/radio) is something we know all about!

For many years, Grimard has helped install wireless infrastructure for mobile communications, on behalf of public utility companies as well as for the public sector. Our work consists of installing and verifying the components and specialized cabling used for this technology.

With multidisciplinary teams that offer a number of related services, we can provide turnkey solutions for construction, civil engineering work and electrical installations in any project.


A DAS is a network of private antennas deployed over a specific area to improve users’ connectivity.

DAS technology acts in complement to Wi-Fi and to distributors’ mobile network coverage. Private companies and public services sometimes have issues due to low mobile coverage, resulting from network congestion, building characteristics or the distributors’ service quality. To counter these factors, Grimard offers top-quality installations involving the deployment of multi-operator antenna network.

We install distributed antenna systems in corporate headquarters, business centres, factories, hospitals, airports, stadiums, hotels and other locations where mobile coverage must function effectively at all times.


Radio communication systems are mainly used by the transport industry, public security, public services (firefighters, ambulances, etc.) and by the industrial and business sectors. These systems enable users to connect to a reliable network at all times and to act quickly in emergency situations.

Grimard installs effective radio infrastructure solutions that are based on TETRA and P25 technologies. We use the best technology on the market to guarantee that our clients’ expectations about coverage, security and privacy are all met.