For specialized electricity projects in urban or highway environments

Grimard is a key player in the implementation of major electrical infrastructure and telecommunications projects. We are especially involved in large-scale, specialized electricity projects in urban and highway environments (bridges, interchanges and tunnels) that require, for instance, the installation of road and urban lighting, oversized signs, lane-control lights, traffic lights, variable message signs (VMS), surveillance cameras and connected objects within an intelligent city concept, as well as civil engineering work.

Our telecommunications experts design complete intelligent transportation system (ITS) solutions that incorporate an array of technologies. Find out more about intelligent cities, ITS and the technologies involved.

With multidisciplinary teams that offer a number of related services, we can provide turnkey solutions for the electrical work, civil engineering work and technological integration on any project.


Over the years, Grimard has undertaken large-scale road and urban lighting projects. We have all the equipment required to fully install lighting infrastructure. Our seasoned electricians deliver work that complies with the highest industry quality standards.

We provide the latest road and urban lighting technologies. Thanks to the arrival of LED lights, it’s now possible to control lighting remotely and obtain a status report to optimize management and interventions in the event of a defect or for maintenance purposes.


Overhead signs are mainly found along highway corridors and require special in-crane lifting. We have the skills and teams to carry out large-scale projects.

We install new structures or replace existing ones mainly for products involving lighting infrastructure or traffic lights.


Lane-control lights facilitate traffic management in peak periods and responses to incidents. Grimard has the necessary expertise to install lane-control lights on highways, bridges and in tunnels.

Whether it’s for traffic-light installation, calibration or configuration (installation of counting loops, counting systems and other systems) Grimard is a leader in Quebec for setting up signage infrastructure in urban and highway environments.


Intelligent transportation systems optimize the various technologies for managing traffic and improving road safety. Big cities use these technologies to improve traffic flow and transportation safety.

Our ITS solutions include a variety of technologies: video-surveillance systems, variable message signs, travel time systems, vehicle detection and classification systems and automated incident detection (AID) that use cameras and control centres. Find out more about the technologies used in smart cities and intelligent transportation systems.



During the conversion of a former segment of the Bonaventure expressway into an urban boulevard, the City was able to benefit from Grimard's expertise in intelligent transportation systems and [...]