Bust Duct System

LV and MV metal-enclosed non-segregated phase bus ducts

Our non-segregated phase bus duct system is designed for connecting metal-enclosed switchgear, power transformers and other power equipment. By manufacturing bus duct systems as well as switchgears, we make it easier to efficiently integrate various site components.

General features of bus duct system:
Rated voltage
600 V
Rated voltage
5 kV
Rated voltage
15 kV
Test voltage at power frequency kV 1 min 2.2 19 36
Impulse withstand voltage kV 60 95
Rated frequency Hz 50-60 50-60 50-60
Rated short-time withstand current kA 1 s. 22-42-45 25-31.5-40
Peak current kA 3 cy.: 50.6-96.6-149.5 10 cy.: 67.5-85-108
Rated current A 1200…4000 1200…3000