High-performance solutions for physical security systems

Partners: Genetec, RBH, Inaxsys ICT, Bosh, Panasonic, Axis, Kantech  Sectors: infrastructure, commercial, industrial, institutional

Grimard offers creative, innovative and effective security solutions for access-control and video-surveillance systems.

We select our partners for the quality and effectiveness of their products, and we design custom systems that are adapted to our clients’ current and future needs. We create, configure, install, test and maintain the systems we implement. With these solutions, video surveillance and access control can be combined to optimize searches in case of incident. We can manage projects globally and execute all the work, providing a turnkey service without having to use subcontractors.

Because our multidisciplinary teams offer many associated services, we can provide turnkey solutions for a project’s construction, civil engineering, road signage, electrical installations and technological integration.

We have the expertise to analyze your needs and submit a quote in line with your budget forecasts, while complying with the industry’s highest quality standards. We offer solutions certified by recognized manufacturers, so you are sure to obtain a maximized performance.


Access-control systems reinforce security in a business or institution. They are always evolving and offer a multitude of new technologies adapted to current realities. Grimard integrates the best technologies offered by top suppliers, providing the public, industrial and commercial sectors with leading-edge solutions.

We offer a wide range of options that meet our clients’ needs, such as access control using magnetic cards or keys, or biometric readers. Our systems can secure sites and buildings and manage access by:

  • Blocking access to unauthorized visitors and providing partial access to suppliers
  • Managing access from a single location by creating identifiers that provide access to entire or specific areas
  • Locking or unlocking accesses remotely
  • Producing precise reports according to specific timeframes (traffic, employee entry and exit times, etc.)
  • Accessing data for verification purposes in the event of an incident
  • And much more!


Our video-surveillance solutions use digital IP cameras to increase a site’s security by preventing theft, terrorism, intrusion or acts of malice.

Among the innovative technologies Grimard offers its clients, intelligent video is the highest performing, since the system analyzes the video as it is being recorded, in real time, through the use of algorithms. Potential applications range from an analysis system (that detects movement and sound, for example) to more complex systems that can detect camera sabotage attempts, count how many people are present, identify suspicious people (according to their behaviour and from databases of suspicious individuals), create virtual barriers and identify licence plates.

Countless hours of video are recorded, but never viewed or examined due to a lack of time. As a result, activities and events go unnoticed and suspicious behaviour is not caught in time to prevent incidents. With intelligent video, analyses are run automatically, increasing the solution’s effectiveness and reducing operating costs by a significant margin.

We work with the highest-performance products on the market to offer the best video-surveillance solutions that will meet our clients’ needs while respecting their budgets.



Grimard performed the integration work for a security, video-surveillance and access-control system at Bridor's Boucherville plant.